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Hi! I'm Bailey, The cleaning girl

I'm a small cleaning company that started in 2018.

I been in the cleaning industry for 15 years. As an owner of Horizon cleaning. Together with my team,

we have cleaned over 10,000 houses WOW!! That's a lot of Lysol! 

I built this company not only to clean homes but to share my expertise and teach Homeowners & Housekeepers my Tips & Tricks.  

Why choose horizon?

  • I have high-end performance cleaning equipment.

  •  I carry both cleaning products.

  • The generic or Eco-friendly.

  • (Just ask for the Eco-friendly products)

  •  High-grade microfiber cleaning cloths.  

  • Background check.

  • All are staff have been professionally trained.

  • Open late hours 9:00 am to 9:00 pm

  • Open on weekends 11:00 am to 7:00 pm

Call: (647)580-6998 please leave a message  

Email: horizon-shine@hotmail.com 

Instagram: horizonshine2019

Pleases keep scrolling down.

To see what we have to officer. 



This is what we offer in a Deep clean and Regular clean. You don't have to choose everything on the list. Your cleaner will do a walk through with you to go over everything you want done in your home. Your cleaner will sit down with you and check off everything you want done.

 This is free consultation.

We officer 1 or 2 cleaning teams.

Pricing stay the same, just less time.

     For example:

1 cleaner would take 5 hours to clean your home.

When 2 cleaners would only take 2 & half hours to clean. 

Same price and Save on time.

If the home is over 1500 sq ft you get 2 cleaners

under 1400 sq ft 1 cleaner  

 If we have 2 cleaners for smaller home available, your more then welcome to have 2 cleaners. Sometime 2 cleaners are not always available. When it's the busy times of the year. 

(2 cleaner: Our Minimum is 2 Hours)

(1 cleaner: Our minimum is 4 Hours)

           *First time clean* 


               Deep clean

               1 Cleaner 

                $30 Hour

This package is great for  
First time clean or every 3 weeks or monthly cleans. 
3%OFF After first clean

  1. Sweep all floors  

  2. Vacuum all carpets & rugs 

  3. Mop all floors 

  4. Dust all surfaces 

  5. Kitchen: clean all counter-top surfaces  

  6. Kitchen: Clean all appliances 

  7. Clean inside-outside microwave 

  8. Clean outside Fridge

  9. Clean inside Fridge 

  10. Clean stove-top Plus outside

  11. Clean inside Oven

  12. Disinfect shower & bathtub  

  13. Disinfect toilet inside & outside  

  14. Disinfect sink & faucets & countertop  

  15. Disinfect all mirrors  

  16. Wash dishes  

  17. Fresh sheets on all beds 

  18. Take out all the garbage 

  19. Clean Windows

  20. Clean all door frames  

  21. Clean ledges & railings    

  22. Clean kitchen backsplash tiles  

  23. Clean baseboards 

  24. Remove all cobwebs 

  25. Dusting all light fixture 

  26. Clean inside couch cushions 

  27. Dusting all vents (outer side of the vents only)  

                 Regular clean

                   1 Cleaner 

                      $25 hour 

After your first deep clean become a regular client. 

This package is great for people that are looking for. Weekly or Bi-weekly cleans.

With additional discount.

Weekly clean 10% OFF

Bi-weekly clean 5 % OFF

  1. Sweep all floors  

  2. Vacuum all carpets & rugs 

  3. Mop all floors 

  4. Dust all surfaces 

  5. Kitchen: clean all counter-top 

  6. Kitchen: Clean all appliances 

  7. Clean inside and the outside microwave 

  8. Clean outside fridge  

  9. Clean stove-top and the outside  

  10. Disinfect shower & bathtub  

  11. Disinfect toilet inside & outside  

  12. Disinfect sink & faucets & countertop  

  13. Disinfect mirrors  

  14. Wash dishes  

  15. Fresh sheets on all beds  

  16. Take out all the garbage 


Move in move out clean 
$35 Hour

Deep clean combining with Seasonal clean

  1. Sweep all floors  

  2. Vacuum all carpets & rugs 

  3. Mop all floors 

  4. Dust all surfaces 

  5. Kitchen: clean all counter-top surfaces   

  6. Clean outside Fridge

  7. Clean inside Fridge 

  8. Clean inside cabinets

  9. Clean stove-top Plus outside

  10. Clean inside Oven

  11. Disinfect shower & bathtub  

  12. Disinfect toilet inside & outside  

  13. Disinfect sink & faucets & countertop  

  14. Disinfect all mirrors 

  15. Take out all the garbage 

  16. Clean Windows

  17. Clean all door frames  

  18. Clean ledges & railings    

  19. Clean kitchen backsplash tiles  

  20. Clean baseboards 

  21. Remove all cobwebs 

  22. Dusting all light fixture 

  23. Dusting all vents (outer side of the vents only)  


About Us

Since opening our doors, we’ve been committed to providing service of the highest quality, paying particular attention to working efficiently while keeping the lines of communication with our clients clear and concise.

Our mission at Horizon Cleaning Services is simple: to provide high-quality services in a timely manner. Our team caters to each project’s specific needs to ensure excellence. We hope you’ll find what you’re looking for. For more information or general inquiries, feel free to get in touch today.


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What cleaning package that best suit your needs. 

Copy and past the cleaning estimate listed below.

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This will help our staff to give the best quote.

Please answer the question as best as you can. 

Thanks you.

We will send you a list of available dates to choose from. 

If you need some assistance you can always call.

Please leave a message. 

(647) 580-6998

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3. Location>............................

4. Parking, free or paid>.....................

5. How many Bedrooms>...................

6. How many Bathrooms>.................

7. Basement clean>......................

8. Move in move out clean>................

9. Any full carpet rooms>...................

not counting area-rugs.

10. Pets>........................

11 Fridge clean>.................

12 Oven clean>.................

13 Windows>.................

14 Baseboards>................ 

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Location of operation

Location of operation

We will travel anywhere in the GTA 

*Toronto* North York* Scarborough*


*Etobicoke *Rexdale*

 Thornhill* *Woodbridge* 


Anything under 30 minuets commute is free of charge.

We will screenshot our location to your location. 

Proof of distance. 

Traveling fee 30 to 45 minuets Commute $15

Travelling fee​ 46 to 60 minuets Commute  $25


647 580 6998

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