First Time Deepest Clean Min 4Hours (Includes Inside fridge and oven +)

First Time Deepest Clean Min 4Hours (Includes Inside fridge and oven +)

2 Cleaner $80 HR Minimum 4 HR Deep scrubbing with a Machine for bathrooms tubs and tiles, this clean includes cleaning inside your oven and fridge, also all baseboards, windows and windows tracking.


These prices are the minimum it will reflect on the size of your home and also the condition of the home is in.



    • Clean inside fridge 

    • Clean inside oven

    • Washing Blinds

    • Sweep all floors  

    • Vacuum all carpets & rugs 

    • Mop all floors 

    • Dust all surfaces 

    • Kitchen: clean all counter-top surfaces  

    • Kitchen: Clean all appliances

    • Clean kitchen backsplash tiles   

    • Clean inside microwave 

    • Clean outside microwave 

    • Clean outside fridge

    • Clean stove-top Plus outside

    • Disinfect shower & bathtub

    • Scrub tile grout  

    • Disinfect toilet inside & outside  

    • Disinfect sink & faucets & countertop  

    • Disinfect all mirrors  

    • Take out all the garbage 

    • Clean ledges & railings    

    • Remove all cobwebs 

    • Dusting all light fixture 

    • Clean inside couch cushions

    • Clean all windows

    • Clean all windows tracking

    • Wash all baseboard 

    • Clean inside and outside kitchen cabinets 

    • Dust all outside vents in the hallway or bathroom 

    • Clean all door frames 

    • Clean all doors 

    • Clean all walls